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What kind of services does the consulting cover?

The client is entitled to two  “Whatsapp” audio consultations, a preliminary one and the final one, as well as a descriptive memorandum listing the ideas with actual picture references of the products from the respective online stores. The client can make purchases using the online sources, or just reference the information they provide.

I cannot find the square footage for my room. What should I do?

When the space is greater than 60 m2/645.83 ft2, the client should buy an increase that corresponds to one additional plan. Using the example of a 70 m2/753.47 ft2- room, the client should choose the Design Plan 4 (60 m2/6455.83 ft2) plus one Design Plan 1 (up to 15 m2/161.45 ft2) in order to add up to the required square footage.

I have got a loft. What Design Plan should I buy?

When you have an open floor plan, you should buy according to the square footage of each environment you want to decorate. In the example of a 50 m2/538.19 ft2- loft with 4 integrated environments (living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom), as long as they do not exceed 15 m2/161.45 ft2 each, you would have to buy four Design 1 Plans.

What are Additional Design Hours?

It is a kind of service that I offer after the conclusion of the consulting services. It is meant to give support to clients who need a helping hand during the execution phase and is done exclusively using “WhatsApp” audio. The client can buy additional design hours on my website and I will send an email to schedule the requested time, based on my availability.

How do I pay for the consulting services?

Clients can use PagSeguro in Brazil and PayPal abroad. Both services accept all major credit cards.

Does decorating consulting using “WhatsApp” work the same was as a traditional decorating project?

No, not exactly, because project development is based on the photographs sent to me rather than on the exact measurements of the space. However, the results are pretty similar.

Is it easy to carry out the project myself?

It is. The pictures I send have the actual online store references so that you can even buy the products directly online. The descriptive memorandum also has the same suggested pictures/products explained with all the specifics to enable you to easily implement the project yourself.

What is the advantage to this kind of service, since the de corator is not physically present?

The main advantages are saving money and getting fast project delivery. A traditional interior design project can take up to a few months to be delivered, while this kind of consulting service will be ready in a week, and at a much lower cost.

How can I get other people’s opinion on the matter during our “WhatsApp” audio talk?

It’s simple; they just need to be present at the time the audio conversation is scheduled. They can give you their opinions, but only one person will be talking to me in the audio conversation.

Do I have to be present in the space to be decorated at the time of the audio talk?

No, but being there on that date might facilitate understanding of specific information, particularly during the final consulting audio talk, when the ideas will be explained.

What is important for me to do during the first and the final audio talks?

You should be in a quiet place with a good audio recording signal to ensure the recording takes place without negative interference.

I am a foreigner but I do not speak English fluently. Can I still hire your services?

No, consulting services abroad should be paid in U.S. dollars. There will also be a small increase in relation to the amounts charged in Brazil due to additional operating costs and to the difference in time zones.

What do your method and a decorating app have in common?

The only point of similarity is in the use of images. My method offers communication and real interaction with the client, and because of this I am able to provide a unique and customized service.

If I cannot or would rather not select the online stores for you to use in the consulting, what criteria do you use to decide that for me?

Financial criteria are the main ones. I am able to create and develop the project working with more expensive or less expensive stores, because the main goal is to make execution of the project financially viable and successful.

Is it always you who provides the consulting services?

Yes, always. I do both audio talks myself; and I create and develop the descriptive memorandum including the pictures.

Can you provide the consulting services using stores that do not have an e-commerce site?

No, because I do not visit the stores personally. That is why I need pictures with the precise dimensions of the environment, in addition to product codes so that I can prepare the project for you to buy the items later, on your own. When I cannot find actual products, I work with images as suggestions.

Do you recommend contractors such as painters, electricians and others?

No, but it is very easy to hire this kind of service. I only make a few exceptions in the city of São Paulo, where I know certain dependable service providers.

Can I buy the Additional Design Hours without hiring your services for a particular space?

No, you cannot. The Additional Design Hour is for the exclusive use of clients who need some extra help with implementation after the delivery of the project.

Why would I buy the Additional Design Hour if I can perform the work myself?

You do not have to buy the additional hours; it is just an optional service meant to help clients to feel more confident after delivery of the project.

And if I do not like the results of the consulting, can I cancel the services?

No, this clause is straightforward in the contract. The information provided by the client is recorded in the first audio talk precisely so that I have all the details available when I need to refer to them in creating and developing the project, with the goal of pleasing clients by taking into account their needs and wishes as expressed.

Can I buy your consulting services as a gift to others?

Yes; some clients have already given them as wedding gifts, birthday gifts, for a baby’s room, etc. In this case, you should use our first e-mail exchange to provide all the pertinent information about the recipient of the gift, and I will be doing both the first and the final audio talks with him/her. However, the formalities will be handled by e-mail with the buyer of the service.

How can I feel comfortable about hiring the services of a professional I have never met in person?

Our contract and the modern and safe payment methods (PagSeguro and Paypal) that have been added to my website are precautions that ensure your safety in hiring my services.

What will our audio conversation be like?

It will be informal and to-the-point, and I will do my best to put you at ease. This way I will be able to assist you in the most satisfactory way. Where the consulting is in English, there will be an interpreter present on my end who will clarify all the points for both parties.

I would like to do several spaces at the same time. Will I have to schedule more than one first and final consulting talk?

No, not at all. Clients frequently hire me to do several spaces, and there will always be two talks, an initial one and the final one; however, the total time for each audio talk might change. If you hire me for one space at a time, you will have to restart the process each time.

There are so many items of information -- is this service practical?

Yes, since the method is a new one, I have had to add a lot of information to the site so I could offer detailed explanations with precision and clarity; still, it works in a fast and practical way.

I have bought an apartment that is still under construction. Do you provide assistance based on the floor plan?

No. The photos of the actual environment are required for a good result.

Do you impose your style on the work?

No. Because everyone has their own personal taste I always try to identify and study the client’s style and needs so he/she will be pleased with the final result.

What kind of profile do your clients have?

That is a difficult question to answer.  My client might be a young person or an elderly one, could have a larger or smaller budget, might be a businessperson or an athlete, a Brazilian or a non-Brazilian. In any case, my method is the same for all of them; you just need to understand and enjoy it.

Is my privacy going to be protected once I provide my mobile phone number?

The contract has a clause stating that both the client’s phone number and mine should not be shared and/or used for other purposes.

I would like to remodel my bathroom and my kitchen. How would your consultancy service work in this case?

I will suggest materials such as flooring, paint and wall coverings, fixtures, readymade furniture and related items. The type of service I offer does not allow me to suggest custom furniture or to make calculations for hydraulic and electrical installations.

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