Decoration Consultation via WhatsApp. 
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Interior Designer

Karina Saad 

Karina Saad is a Brazilian interior designer who has been in the market since 1999. She has produced numerous projects and designs for both residential and business interiors.

After years of professional experience, she has developed and established a pioneering, innovative, and unique method in interior design:  decorating services using “WhatsApp”.

The three underlying concepts forming the foundation of the method are:

*Globality – the designer assists clients of various nationalities and all over the world.

*Technology – mobile phones give users fast access to the required information, allowing clients the comfort of staying where they are while contacting the designer using the app.

*Cost effectiveness – The “WhatsApp” app is a free communication tool, making the cost of the project and assistance much lower as compared to the price of a traditional interior design project. And the result is basically the same, since the client gets all the necessary information as well as suggestions and advice, in a clear and objective way. In addition, clients can choose their favorite online sources, making execution financially feasible.

“I fell in love with my profession at the age of eight, when my aunt took me along to visit an interior designer friend at her home. It was then I realized that the transformational power of decorating goes far beyond physical spaces: I saw that an appealing and functional environment can foster emotional well-being, and with that in mind, I have created a decorating method that is easily accessible to everyone.”